24 Hour Elevator, Inc. is proud to offer the following services:

At 24 Hour Elevator we understand that every customer and building is unique. With this in mind we will design a program that is suited to a building’s situation. Allow us to provide a better level of service and save our customers undue costs.

We can typically keep the older elevators up and running while most of the bigger companies are trying to get building owners to modernize or upgrade perfectly good quality equipment! In these tough economic times, who wants to spend a lot of money if it’s not necessary? We have the resources! If you’ve been told that your equipment is obsolete, and that no one can fix it, please give us a call. Let us check it out. You will likely be surprised at what can be done to save these older elevators safely and economically.

In San Diego we have a diverse set of machinery at work in our buildings today. Some of these machines dating back to earlier 1900’s. They are all unique, but built to last. We provide many ways to update both function and aesthetics while keeping the machine’s quality of character that is already present.

As conservation becomes more of a staple in today’s world, it is important not only in a monetary and ethical sense to institute programs to avoid the waste of good product. With this in mind we have come up with these following services:

24 Hour Elevator, Inc. is actively pursuing new ways to save our customers money with energy saving products and services.

State safety inspection is a multipurpose activity. For a new device, the inspection serves to ensure that the device meets the Elevator Safety Orders that are being enforced at that time. It also verifies that the equipment installed complies with the design parameters. If the conveyance is new or altered, the certified installing company must generate the request.

An inspection is to be made when required by the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Division 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter 6, Elevator Safety Orders (ESO).

Currently, an inspection is required:
When a device is first installed as new before it can be released for public use. When any alteration/modernization work is performed as outlined in the ESO; Annually and five year testing.