Green Energy

24 Hour Elevator, Inc. is actively pursuing new ways to save our customers money with energy saving products and services.

a. Solid State Starters
A small but efficient modernization to reduce energy waste and give needed motor protection.
Here’s an upgrade that pays for itself. Now you can purchase solid-state starters at nearly the same price as moving contactors. Why continually check and replace burnt contacts when you can upgrade to the reliability of a solid-state starter?

• Motor-Overload Protection
• Phase-Loss Detection
• Ability to Detect Incorrect Motor Lead Connections
• Auto-Detect Across-the-Line and Delta Motor Configurations
• Normal Phase Rotation (Reverse-Phase Protection)
• Fault-Type LED Indicator
• Removal of Power from Motor Windings
• No Contacts to Check or Change—Less Maintenance

• Typical use is for Hydro controllers with 6-lead or 12-lead Delta-wound motors.
• Application for across-the-line versions is available. See Max Amps listed in the table.
• If required for your application, a wall-mount enclosure is available.

• Less maintenance time and risk checking and changing starter contacts.
• Shorter floor-to-floor times—optimized motor start-up time.
• Reduced downtime—no starter contacts to wear out.
• Quieter operation—eliminates magnetic contractor sound and feeder wire rattling.
• Minimize power surges to protect building electrical equipment.

Built-In Protection: The solid-state starter has many built-in features that conventional Wye-Delta starters don’t offer.

“Auto-sense” during startup checks motor lead hookups and shuts down the motor if the hookups aren’t connected correctly. It also detects whether the starter is being used across-the-line or in a Delta configuration. Built-in phase-loss detection protects
the motor.

Elevator Motor Protection: With solid-state starters, you can select the starting current that’s best for your motor. Conventional starters don’t allow this flexibility.

b. Energy consumption study for motors and controllers
Using memory meters we can monitor and find patterns of usage and energy draw. Also, using infrared cameras to find hot spots from the main disconnect to the car control panel light to find lose connections.

c. LED lighting upgrades for control panel, lobby and car
The right lighting in your elevator system can save both energy and maintenance cost. Light emitting diodes have an estimated 16 times longer life span than incandescent and fluorescent lamps at 50,000 hours of life. Surprisingly, their output is 2:1 lumens per watt of the above-mentioned lamps. Quality of light is also better with less ultraviolet and infrared radiation. They are more durable and compact, which widens their range of application.