As conservation becomes more of a staple in today’s world, it is important not only in a monetary and ethical sense to institute programs to avoid the waste of good product. With this in mind we have come up with these following services:

a. Rail alignment and seismic welding
Rails are the backbone of the elevator. They give it direction and keep it true. The rails are attached to the building by thick metal brackets which over time and use the metal on metal can slip out of its setting. By using a distance guide, plumbs, and levels we can fasten them back to the original or in some cases better condition than the day they were put in. Also we offer welding to improve positive connection from elevator guide system to the building.

b. Door operator functions
Proper operation of the doors can in many instances make or break the image of a conveyance in the minds of your customers. Local codes dictate where pressures and speeds must be. These operators have many functions that with adjustment you can achieve the goals based on your needs all while keeping compliance and the highest regard for safety.

c. Valve sizing
Valve adjustment is an important and all too often over looked component to the efficiency and overall feel of the elevator. When done all starts and stops will be smooth. A valve in need of adjustment can be felt, but is often disregarded in the thought the elevator itself is bad. Power consumption can be reduced if the motor does not have to compensate for the valves faults. Often it can be felt if the car over or undershoots the floor.

d. Hoist way door alignment
Doors can be the most costly of all these items if not maintained diligently. The majority of trouble calls, down cars and entrapments are attributed to door failure.