In San Diego we have a diverse set of machinery at work in our buildings today. Some of these machines dating back to earlier 1900’s. They are all unique, but built to last. We provide many ways to update both function and aesthetics while keeping the machine’s quality of character that is already present.

a. Elevator Flooring
A simple and effective way to bring your elevator to the next level in class. We can find state approved products to fit any look. By abiding state recommendations and codes, we will calculate the elevator weight before and after to remain code complaint.

b. Lighting Sconces
Changing out old lighting for newer fixtures in the car can be a sight for sore eyes. This allows you to customize your car (elevator) to your liking.

c. Buttons
New button styles using led technology in an array of color choices can really make the elevator stand out to your clients.

d. Doors and Hall Stations
One of the first things you see and touch in the lobby; with the help of a top metal fabricator we can put a new face on the lobby’s existing equipment.

e. Starter Replacement
The first line in defense in motor protection and improved energy efficiency is a new solid state starter. The technology today is a world apart from earlier methods of power distribution. It is better at regulating in rush current starting the motor and adds protection for vital elevator components.

f. Valve Replacement
A simple but vital component not only in the ride but the overall feel people will get from your elevator is based on the valve performance.

g. Security
We can add many different applications of security from card sliders to lock out floors or to access to the elevator, as well as cameras.

h. Phones
Many older cars have a cabinet in the control operating panel for, what was in that day, a customary sized phone. We can eliminate this with the latest button sized counterpart.